Songs for Quiet Moments

Welcome to Divinemoon, the home of my songs on the web

I compose and perform songs based on P. R. Sarkar’s Prabhat Samgiit.
These songs are, just like the poetry of Rumi, Miirabhai and Tagore, steeped in mysticism.

On the highways and byways through all the stages of human life,

In a universe which is alive, conscious and full of purpose,

I speak of the loss, the yearning and the attainment of the Beloved;

a tryst of love in the deepest most secret corner of the human heart.


The PROUT Song

The song that we sing will go on
Suffering for all will be gone
A path of light for all opens up
PROUT is the path leading on

Suffering our lot again and again
Ordinary people can’t tolerate the pain
Cries of demons rend the air so vain
Moralist’s battle is on

Eastern horizon, the sun’s golden rays
No more, no more, these dark and endless days
The sun will chase the rain away will chase
One more day’s waiting is too long